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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Country Bloom via email or phone to order the out of stock item in bulk or make a request to have the item continued if discontinued. 

Most soaps at Country Bloom are made with a cold process method. This method allows for a longer lasting and harder bar but requires a longer curing time. Cold process soaps are generally smoother in appearance. Hot process has the advantage of a significantly shorter curing time but does not look as smooth. Advantages of hot process is that essential oils tend to not fade as much as cold process so the fragrance is bolder. 

It means that although the item may be unavailable now, it can be ordered and processed. The cold process method requires up to two months of curing so please be aware of that when making your order/request. Alternatively, if you need soap ASAP, I can make hot process soap which would be able to ship within the week from it being made. 

Soaps that are scented with 100% essential oils (not fragrance oils) will be indicated with a product tag you may search for under “essential oils.” 

No, Country Bloom Soap Company makes soap with a base of goats milk soap in leu of water. We also use local beeswax and occasionally honey. If you need soap custom made without animal products it can be custom ordered for you with a minimum order of one batch (10 bars.)

We can substitute nut oils with a nut free option on request. Most of the recipes are with sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and shea butter which may not work for those with nut allergies/sensitivities.