Simply Bloom

Live Simply. Live Honestly.

Being a licensed massage therapist, I am in contact with skin on a daily basis. I know that everyone deserves an individualized approach to skincare and motivated by my own family’s need for gentle soap, I began making handmade goat’s milk soap and starting Country Bloom.
Living in a high desert environment, my family needed something that would be cleansing without stripping our skin of our much-needed moisture. The basic ingredients for all my soap are coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, mango or shea butter, and local goat’s milk and beeswax.
Although catering to dry skin, Country Bloom isn’t exclusive to a skin type, age, or gender. There’s a soap for every body! It’s for those living in my hometown of Condon, Oregon and for those wanting to bring a little of that small-town Oregon into their life.
Craving simple and honest? You came to the right place.
Be your natural self,
Amanda Hendricks

Family-Oriented, Oregon proud, Small Town Livin'